A low level analysis of Dialog Post Paid Packages

I'm  having fever these days so on bed rest. With the new TRC regulations n stuff dialog introduced new post paid packages. While I was going through them at the University computer lab my friend Hansa said that these packages are actually ripping you off. He was right!

i100 package (rental is 100/-)
you get 100 minutes talk time free. Thats exactly what you pay. so if u use all ur minutes theres no loss.

i350 package (rental is 350/-)
once you add the costs of all the free entitlements the total is 325! You are loosing 25 rupees if you go for this!

like wise for the i500 you loose 12.50/- and for the 1000 package you lose 25 rupees.

So rather than using any of the above its actually cheaper to use the i100 package. My10 feature has no discounts on calls. Only D2D SMS are offered at 10cents which is normally 25cents.

However there seems to be a deal breaker with the i250. When you add up the free entitlements the total actually exceeds the rental.

So what type of customers have Dialog targeted with the other packages?

*I may be entirely wrong. Please correct me if i have totally misinterpreted the package offers


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